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Dr. North Mentioned in Loveland Magazine!

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Dr. Crystal North, physician partner at Centers for Gastroenterology, was recently interviewed by Loveland Magazine regarding her work in treating bowel incontinence.  The Bowel Incontinence Clinic at the Centers for Gastroenterology, led by Dr. North, has been successfully treating fecal incontinence using the InterStim® procedure for the past year. Skyline Endoscopy Center is proud to partner with Dr. North in creating a safe environment for patients to receive bowel incontinence treatment.

You can read the full interview with Dr. North, published on pages 19 through 21 of the current issue of Loveland Magazine here.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. North, please contact the Bowel Incontinence Clinic at the Centers for Gastroenterology at (970) 669-5432.

Source: Finman, Judy. “Bowel Incontinence Is Successfully Treated at Loveland Clinic.” Loveland Magazine, Dec. 2017, pp. 19–21,

Now Offering Treatment for Chronic Bowel Incontinence!

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Skyline Endoscopy Center now offers treatment for those suffering from chronic bowel incontinence.  The InterStim Therapy for Fecal Incontinence can provide improved control over bowel functioning in some patients.  For more information on this treatment, please visit our InterStim Therapy webpage.  Dr. Crystal North now performs the stage 1 evaluation at Skyline Endoscopy Center.  If you would like to meet with Dr. North to learn more about this therapy and determine if it may be an effective treatment for you, please contact her office at Centers for Gastroenterology in Loveland.

You can also learn more about the InterStim Therapy on the Medtronic website.