We get this question a lot.  Patients often wonder, what is an ASC and why should I care?  Even after visiting an ASC like Northern Colorado Endoscopy Center, many are unaware they have seen their physician in an ASC and they remain unaware of the value the ASC has brought to them.

What is an ASC?

Ambulatory surgery center, or ASC, is an outpatient surgical facility licensed by the state in which it operates.  Physicians choose to perform procedures in the outpatient surgical setting for patients who are suitable for elective procedures.  Patients receiving care at an ASC are generally in good health and are discharged on the same day as their surgery to return to their home environment.  ASCs have a long history of efficiency.    Although delays occur, most ASCs maintain an on-time surgical schedule which results in less wait time for patients.  Other benefits to using an ASC instead of hospital for elective surgery or invasive procedures include:

  • Lower costs, less out of pocket expense to you
  • Less waste in medical supply consumption
  • Emergency procedures are not inserted onto our posted schedule which could result in significant delay or cancellation of your planned procedure
  • Lower post-operative wound infections

Take charge of your health!  Know your options when it comes to where to receive your health care.

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